Student Alumni Association

As a Campbell student, you will have opportunities to join various campus clubs and organizations. The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a unique opportunity to get involved on campus. SAA will give you opportunities to meet alumni and create a dynamic network that may help you with internships and job prospects after graduation.

As a member of the SAA you will learn what it means to be an “alumnus/a” of Campbell and what it means to be part of this proud camaraderie. We invite you to our meetings so you can see for yourself what the Student Alumni Association is all about.

Get involved

The mission of the Campbell University Student Alumni Association is to connect students to the alumni, engage students in leadership and philanthropic endeavors, and to inspire the future generation of alumni.

Why you should join

1. Have a opportunity to network with alumni.
2. Develop valuable leadership and career skills.
3. Event invitations exclusive for members.
4. Free stuff

How to sign up

Current students may sign up to join at any SAA event or contact: Alex Baumann, SAA Staff Advisor at: or (910) 893-5214.


Want to know what is on the horizon for SAA? See what happens with the Campbell University Alumni Association around the campus, our state, and across the country by checking out the Campbell University Alumni Association events.

Contact Us

Alex Baumann,  SAA Staff Advisor