CamelLink Mentoring Program

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CamelLink Mentoring Program

Power your Campbell community through career connections.

About CamelLink

CamelLink, a new digital mentoring platform hosted by the Alumni Association, will serve both students and alumni by creating meaningful connections focused around career exploration and readiness, mentoring, networking, and much more. Students and alumni can easily connect with one another with similar interests, career paths, and professional development opportunities.


Ways to use CamelLink


  • Offer or receive career advice.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Mentor current Campbell students.
  • Reconnect with former Campbell classmates.
  • Start a discussion in the forum.

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  • Meet alumni mentors with similar interests and/or career goals.
  • Seek opportunities to meet mentors for conversations.
  • Meet with mentors once or build a long-term mentorship.
  • Arrange for job shadowing opportunities.
  • Get career-related answers from discussion forums.
  • Find resources to help with your career process.

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