Regional Networks

Alumni networks allow the Campbell community to thrive all over the nation.

Campbell University alumni networks provide impactful opportunities to connect with each other through social, professional, service and athletic events in their local communities. Each network has the flexibility to operate in ways that best serve the alumni in that geographical area.

Join a network

Atlanta, GA  Austin, TXCape Fear Central Virginia Charlotte Foothills Harnett County Johnston County Rocky Mount/Wilson Triangle Washington D.C.

Start a network

We hope to see the list of alumni networks grow throughout the United States. If you live in an area not listed and know other alumni who would like to start connecting with other alumni in the area, let us know!

There are only a few requirements to get started:

  • 3 or more alumni willing to lead the network launch
  • Other alumni in the area who have expressed interest in attending alumni gatherings
  • Alumni leaders active on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Alumni leaders willing to host a launch party

If you would like to start a network in your area, please fill out this Network Request Form.

If you have questions about starting a network, please contact April Ganong at