Board of Directors

The Campbell University Alumni Board of Directors is comprised of alumni leaders  from across the state of North Carolina who remain engaged with Campbell  through regional events, volunteer work within the campus community, and active participation in decisions that affect the university. Board members demonstrate a commitment to Campbell University and its continued success and represent a wide variety of graduating years and departments.

The Board’s primary duties include representing Campbell University’s alumni to Campbell administration and partnering with the Office of Alumni Engagement to implement programming to benefit both their fellow alumni and current students. They organize and lead regional chapters, welcome incoming students to Campbell, celebrate new alumni at graduation, and encourage participation in university campaigns. The Board of Directors is instrumental in forming a mutually beneficial relationship between alumni, administration, and students.

Campbell University Alumni Board of Director Officers (left to right): Vice President, Marsha McCoy (’08); President, William Franklin (’96); Secretary, Angela Rogers (’98)


Executive Committee

President Mr. William Franklin, ’96
Vice President Ms. Marsha McCoy, ’08
Executive Director Mrs. Sarah Swain, ’05
Secretary Mrs. Angela Rogers, ’98

Immediate Past President   Mr. William C. Smith, ’65
Immediate Past President  Mrs. Janis Dempster, ’61
Immediate Past President   Mr. Stephen Gaskins, ’81
Immediate Past President   Mr. Carroll Leggett, ’63
Immediate Past President   Mr. David Russ, III, ’69
Immediate Past President   Mr. Russell Tate, Jr., ’90, ’92
Immediate Past President  Honorable John Tyson, ’79

Board Members

Dr. Susan Byerly, ’78, ’81

Mrs. Kristen Cummings, ’03

Mr. Samuel Currin II, ’10

Ms. Sue Ann Forrest, ’16

Mr. Jon Goforth, ’13

Dr. Heather Massengill, ’00

Rev. Lawrence Powers, ’09, ’13

Mrs. Alyssa Stafford, ’13

Dr. Stephanie Horan, ’11, ’17

Mrs. Rebecca Brock, ’97, ’01

Mr. Robert Fitch, ’69

Mr. William Ennis Jr., ’73

Mr. Knox Gibson, ’17

Mr. Woodrow Hathaway Jr., ’71, ’93

Mrs. Beverley Howard, ’89

Ms. Sandy Howard, ’78, ’81

Mr. Randall Johnson, ’81

Mr. J. Ross Simeon Jr., ’03

Mr. Norman Bannerman Jr., ’97

Mr. Mike Sowers, ’03

Ms. Christie Stafford, ’06

Mr. Timothy Young, ’00

Ms. Shannon Wilson, ’16

Ms. Jillian Summers, ’18

Mr. Brett McCreight, ’97

Mr. Ben Yates, ’13

Mr. Michael Little, ’06

Dr. Daniel Hester, ’79

Mr. Nolan Perry, ’13, ’16

Mrs. Julia Nugen, ’07

Mr. Keith Dimsdale, ’91

Mrs. Tara Wilson, ’89

Mrs. Allison Sikes, ’87

Mrs. Janis Dempster, ’61

Mr. Carroll Leggett, ’63

Mr. David Russ III, ’69

Mr. Russell Tate Jr., ’90

Honorable John Tyson, ’79