Board of Directors

The mission of the Alumni Association is to promote the best interests and increase the usefulness of Campbell University and to continue and create mutually beneficial relations between the University and the alumni body.

The Campbell University Alumni Board of Directors is comprised of alumni leaders  from across the country who remain engaged with Campbell, committed to its growth and our mission of graduating students with exemplary academic and professional skills who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service.

The Board of Directors is instrumental in fulfilling the Alumni Association’s mission. The Board is comprised of alumni representing each of our academic units. Supporting the objectives and goals of the Office of Alumni Engagement, these alumni volunteers serve an important role of growing Campbell’s alumni program.

Nominations for the Alumni Board are currently open until August 31.

Prior to submitting a nomination, please review and understand the Board’s Good Faith Guidelines. Alumni Board members are expected to be leaders and advocates for our alumni body, our program, and Campbell University.

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Good Faith Guidelines:

Alumni Board members are expected to:

  1. Be philanthropic leaders for our alumni body by making an annual gift
  2. Participate in local network events, as possible
  3. Attend at least two of the three annual meetings
  4. Participate in on-campus student engagement events
  5. Serve on one Alumni Association Board committees
  6. Be advocates for Campbell within the community
  7. Connect Campbell’s staff with potential donors
  8. Maintain communication with the Office of Alumni Engagement Staff
  9. Understand and accept that they are to be positive representatives of the University, the Association, and the Office of Alumni Engagement

Executive Committee

President Ms. Marsha McCoy, ’08
Vice President Mrs. Rebecca Brock, ’97
Executive Director Mrs. Sarah Swain, ’05
Secretary Ms. Angela Rogers, ’98

Board Members

Mr. Jon Goforth, ’13

Mrs. Alyssa Stafford, ’13

Dr. Stephanie Horan, ’11, ’17

Mrs. Rebecca Brock, ’97, ’01

Mr. Robert Fitch, ’69

Mr. William Ennis Jr., ’73

Mr. Knox Gibson, ’17

Mr. Woodrow Hathaway Jr., ’71, ’93

Mrs. Beverley Howard, ’89

Ms. Sandy Howard, ’78, ’81

Mr. Randall Johnson, ’81

Mr. J. Ross Simeon Jr., ’03

Mr. Norman Bannerman Jr., ’97

Dr. Brooke Williams, ’17

Mrs. Diane Cook, ’09

Mr. Marshall Allen, ’10

Mrs. Mary Jane Thomas, ’75

Rev. Peter Donlon, ’06

Mr. Mike Sowers, ’03

Ms. Christie Stafford, ’06

Mr. Timothy Young, ’00

Ms. Shannon Wilson, ’16

Ms. Jillian Summers, ’18

Mr. Brett McCreight, ’97

Mr. Michael Little, ’06

Mr. Nolan Perry, ’13, ’16

Mrs. Tara Wilson, ’89

Mrs. Allison Sikes, ’87

Mrs. Katie Smith, ’04

Mr. Morgan Timiney, ’15, ’20

Rev. Abdue Knox, ’16

Mr. Richard Carden, ’18

Ms. Brittney Jackson, ’14

Dr. LeAnne Kennedy, ’93

Mr. Carroll Leggett, ’63