Welcome to the City

A group of young alumni on a rooftop, smiling.

Welcome to the City!

Campbell University Alumni Association annually hosts Welcome to the City, a multi-regional event that invites alumni to gather at a local hotspot and network with other alumni in their area. Welcome to the City allows graduates of all ages to reconnect with classmates and expand their Campbell network within their local communities by meeting other alumni in their cities.

It also supports a great cause! Welcome to the City 2024, held June 6, raised 50 lbs. of items for Campbell’s Campus Pantry, which supports students facing food insecurity.

Welcome to the City 2024 recap

“It’s great to get back together and talk about old times, catch up on what life is like now and talk about Richmond. It’s nice to have some built-in community, knowing that we have some built-in experience with people already here. It makes for a smooth transition.” – Taylor Schmaltz (’19)

Welcome to the City digital guides

With the help of Campbell alumni across the state, we curated regional guides based on recommendations from local alumni. Keep a look out for the hyperlinked suggestions; these are Orange Owned businesses, which means they are owned by Campbell alumni.

Charlotte Wilmington Central VA Central NC